So sorry I missed posting last week. But I was simply having a fantastic time that my posting day came and went in a flash! 

So, here is a run- down of what I had been up to:

Sis was here. So, ToddlerT, Sis and me had a girly time together! Hurrah!

We visited Navy Pier. Their grand opening is on May 27. It was awesome now, so excited about what it will be like in full swing in summer! 

We finally saw the Chicago Sports Museum. I have never been a sporty gal and T is still quite small. But we all loved it. It truly is a place with something for everyone. Details in another post. (I love places that give me fodder for future posts!)

I cooked quite a few healthy and delicious recipes. My sis is quite the healthy recipe expert,so it was nice to wow her! He he he!

Do not want to jinx it, but I did handle T’s tantrums pretty well this week. I have to confess that I was more surprised that my sis was quite unfazed by any of my little one’s misdemeanors.  Considering that our little cutie is an epitome of goodness everywhere except at home , I actually asked my sis how ; only to be told that she’s seen worse and more (including my own darling one). Sigh!

Summer is here. I love it. Nature Walks, here we come.

A few showers have made the weather very pleasant. Yippee! 

Our friend from India is here. So, T and Hubby both have a new comrade and I have space and time for my kitchen chores. He he! Thank you dear friend! 

T has cleared all her toys for a week straight. Fingers crossed!

Driving lessons…. Not so bad. I actually think I might get my license. Again, fingers crossed.

And that is how I spent my week. Hope everyone is excited about the coming of summer. Adieu!


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