Way to go….!

Going through my collection of photos, I realized I like taking photos of ways, paths, entrances. In this post, I show my fascination for picturesque pathways and roads.

photo 3 (39)
Life is awesome when you walk on a sunny, bright, colorful path
Wooden bridge to sunshine- hope at the end?  Always! 🙂
Still reeling from the happiness of finding such a pristine spot in real life!
photo 1 (2)
Someone following in our footsteps- what an honor and joy!
photo 3 (22)
Watching as the little one makes her own way!
photo 4 (1)
Making my own way!
photo 5 (4)
Shadowy paths!
Not really a path- but a great companion for those who make their own roads/ rules!

Enjoy the weekend!


7 thoughts on “Way to go….!

  1. Nim, The photos, especially the captions are excellent!Mom P.S.Please send my blog name – the one you created for me – I know I changed the password to SaralyaSranuja, but I don’t remember the user name!I need to ‘Like’ as a Blogger. 


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