I am trying to teach T to draw. She likes scribbling and coloring and doodling, so I thought why not?

Here’s how Drawing Lesson 101 began:

Step 1:

First show basic shapes.

step 2:

draw simple object using basic shapes

Step 3:

make 3D object

step 4 :

ask child to draw favorite doodle object. Cheer them.

step5 onwards:

draw what preschooler demands- usually well beyond our artistic capabilities. Try anyway. Get cheered (for the first few objects at least)

step 1000 or thirty minutes later or when kid gets bored:

start new activity with new hope. Repeat from step1.

Graphic description below:


(Update: description of the pictures:

We started with the house and then truck… The potato-esque structure then followed-supposedly, a clock- the sole art by T, before she started demanding that I draw since it was ‘Mommy’s turn’. Who knew Aurora has to have a tiara and Ariel does not wear gloves with her gown… Sigh!)




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