The Short Drop

The Short Drop
I consider the following elements to be extremely intriguing when they are at the core of a book.
Politics, especially in DC
Lost friendships
Missing Persons Investigation, especially on a ‘cold trail’
Secret Service and Espionage

(Hopefully, you guys consider them pretty juicy plots in a book too!)
Now imagine, what happens when you have all of these in one single book. Brilliantly interlinked to each other. Fantastic, right? And that is what The Short Drop is.

The pace is good, the storytelling gripping. What makes it even better is that the narrative is interspersed with flashbacks. It adds to the suspense while still keeping all the evoked emotions finely balanced. Drama, intrigue, sentiment, action, even a tad bit of romance, you name it, this book packs it all. You won’t want to put it down!

It does have a few loose links but they are so well done, that they just add to the realistic element. Plus, itsĀ ending left me content. I’d have loved a super happy ending- I always do, but this was just right in terms of realism with its hopeful ending chord.

Do read if you have a chance. If you already have , then drop me a comment about whether you agree with my review or not and what you think about the book. Enjoy the weekend!


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