Keep it Short & Simple.

I never can, not when I am speaking. And definitely not when I write. /after all, I write like I talk- which is a lot. Why do you think it took me so long to join Twitter? 140 characters? Not me, that’s why!

Anyway, the reason why I talk about the famed KISS principle is because that is what today’s post will be themed on. (Hopefully). Why?

Because :

  1. ToddlerT has a cold.
  2. I was up most of last night and a lot of today morning due to aforementioned cold.
  3. The house is a mess.
  4. My ironing pile is well, piled up again.
  5. My hair is also a mess. (Thank God for cutesy ponytail DIY videos on YouTube.)
  6. We are out of T’s favorite snacks. (Howls of unhappiness!)
  7. I have to bake a brownie cake. (to make up for lack of aforementioned snacks for previously talked about unwell and unhappy toddler)
  8. I can’t get over the fact that I titled my list with because…seriously, I need to sleep. (or read grown up fiction. second option looks way too appealing! )
  9. I just realized that this post is now not quite an acceptable example of anything even tangentially connected to the KISS principle.
  10. My mind is out of any more  reasons/ excuses!

Have a great weekend ahead!



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