We had a few firsts this week for T and am still reeling under the joy and surprise of it all:

  • Dental visit: She was a trooper. The nurse and doctor were amazing, as was ToddlerT. She did not cry and at all and in fact recounted the entire episode to two delighted sets of grandparents.
  • Independent Play at Parties: Hubs and I usually have to mind T and/or stay within arms length at parties. Too many strangers, too few kids, too many questions, too much coddling from us, I don’t know! But this weekend, we were at our friend’s child’s first Birthday party and T was the epitome of angelic charm. Barring the initial twenty minutes (coinciding with us waking her untimely from a nap), she played all by herself, never asked for us (we did keep an eagle eye from afar though), answered random questions from close and distant friends, bounced balloons, politely declined cake with a beatific smile and never once peeked into the mountain of presents that were clearly not hers. I am impressed and overjoyed.
  • Tea Party- T hosted a tea party for her Disney characters with an elaborate pretend play. Now she has been doing pretend play for a while now, but T has never seen a teapot in real life. Also, she has never seen us use saucers, so I was taken aback when she daintily demonstrated the right way to drink tea!
  • Patties- T baked her first batch of Quinoa-BlackBean-SweetPotato burger patties. From mashing to stirring to making little balls, she did it all by herself. I declined her help to add spices and place the tray in the oven though. (Still plenty of time for that)
  • Quinoa Tasting- T also ate a bit of the crunchy patties. While the quinoa taste is not discernible, T usually is finicky about ingredients and texture (like her Mommy and Daddy), so this was a blessing.
  • First Bathtub Swim- Okay, this is a bit of a stretch as she kept leapfrogging in the bathtub pretending to swim. But keeping in mind, that neither she nor I know how to swim, it can stay in this list.
  • First Chore- T now has her own bed, which she is in charge of making in the morning. We have done this for four days in the past week. I did not enforce on Friday (early dental appt) and on the weekend. I am happy to say that she cleaned it of her own accord, with great glee. (This Mommy hopes to slowly pass on many more baby chores)

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