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I had written in previous post that I will be sharing reasons why I did not change my About Me page in 2015. So, here are my reasons for not having a new revamped About Me Page in 2015:

  • The year had a rocky start. In fact, I wrote a post just to feel better in the first week of Jan 2015. Read the full post here.
  • I did write about my Search for Mantra for the year, and 2015 Mantra finally made it to this blog, but I never changed the About Me section.
  • Toddler T and I went for an extended vacation in mid-Jan and returned only in the middle of May, so the point completely slipped  from my head. But I did get a lot of content for my posts, so the lovely holiday had lots of additional benefits. (primary being home with family). Do check out Indian Love to know more.
  • Obviously, with summer camp, toddler T’s Young 3’s program (school session for kids under 3), potty training, it’s been a busy year indeed. Read the full recap here.
  • Obviously, mid year or late in the year is not a great time to make changes to the About Me page. Hence, no changes.
  • I also suspect that my age had just a little to do it. After all, this would be the last year I could call myself twenty-something, as I do in that fateful page. [I turn 30 this August!] Hopefully, 30 IS the new 20.

And that is why, dear readers, I missed changing the Page. Do check my fresh About Me and let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!