Ok, here is my About Me Page from 2012-14 as promised. I had updated it slightly in 2013 and start of 2014 (check ‘Mantra’ para) before rewriting it completely at the end of Jan 2014. Let me know what you think?


How do I describe myself or this blog?

Well, my One Minute Sales Pitch would go something like:

Hi. I am Nirupama. Electronics engineer. Currently stay at home Wife. Avid reader and certified bookworm. I am a typical Leo- possessive, attention seeking and generous. I love seashores and beaches and trinkets and junk food. Other than devouring fiction in English and strictly vegetarian cuisines, my interests are music, photography and solving puzzles. I love shopping and prefer bold colors.

Oh, and as can be inferred correctly from the above paragraph, I love talking. I seldom leave an opportunity to broadcast my views, share my opinions and dispense free advice. And that is how this blogcame to be.I have always loved writing. It’s my preferred channel to express my thoughts. And a blog is a perfect way to capture my meandering thoughts, give voice to the thousands of ideas that flit through my head. I also find that I now have a great medium to collate and collect my thoughts and capture them instead of just wondering if all the random going-ons in my head will ever amount to anything.

This blog has also gifted me the joy of reading other people’s thoughts on everyday occurrences, matters of daily routine and national importance. I have laughed over some posts, thought about others, sympathized with some and been inspired by many others. This blog has now become another means to broaden my horizons and outlook, in keeping with my self-improvement goals.

This blog is also an attempt to chronicle my efforts at self-improvement. I’d formally adopted ‘Try’ as my mantra for the year 2012. Read more on this hereMy word for 2013 was Optimism. For 2014, it’s “Just Do It!” I also used this blog for documenting my own Happiness Project along the lines of Gretchen Rubin’s famed book of the same name. Read more about on the page Happiness Project.

Blogging brings me joy. It’s a fun way to let loose creativity for me. What’s your reason to blog?