Games We Play

Hmmm… Life becomes so different after becoming a mother. I wrote about my book selection post baby and also the many ways in which I have changed.

Today, I share a photograph of the way my games have changed, specifically board games.

Scrabble board for learning alphabets and learning placement!

There used to be a time when I used to spend ages playing scrabble, trying to win every game. Now I spend ages on the same board, but watching ToddlerT spend ages ‘playing’. Here’s how it goes:

  • Take great deal of time choosing one coin
  • Say the alphabet written on it. Jump with joy and glee if it is blank. Also, ask for explanation as to why it is empty.
  • Carefully place on colored squares. Adjust position with all the obsessive neatness and method of Hercule Poirot.
  • Ask for words beginning with the letter’s sound. Mommy has to be creative and not reiterate previously mentioned words.
  • Repeat for the three or more coins that are slightly off- position because of placing previous letter.
  • Repeat.

It is strenuous mental work for me. Repetitive work, keeping track of words I uttered and restrain myself from ‘helpingI’ ToddlerT sure takes effort and patience. But I love it because:

  • ToddlerT likes it
  • She is learning along with play. Words, phonics, motor skills, and patience (a trait Mommy and Baby are both, working constantly on)
  • Time might feel like it passes slowly but it does pass without the aid of TV and other devices
  • ToddlerT is sitting down. And that means Mommy is sitting too! That alone is cause for celebration
  • ToddlerT is getting used to the idea of board games. (I am waiting for her to become old enough to become my new scrabble partner. On second thoughts if she is anything like my Mom or Hubby, I am probably going to lose! Well, never mind)
  • Watching the myriad emotions flitting across her face (that is fast losing its chubby stage) is mesmerizing.

Yup, motherhood is full of ups and downs, tiny triumphs in mundane tasks, little joys bundled in weary moments and big lessons from little games.



One thought on “Games We Play

  1. Enjoy this “laid back” scrabble while you can! If ToddlerT’s current remarkable vocabulary is anything to go by, in a few years she will be giving you a run for your money! 🙂 And possibly winning the “spelling bees” along the side.

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