About Me – 2014

As promised , here is my About Page from 2014.

I am a 20-something from Mumbai (India) residing in Chicago. I am a bookworm, a great talker and I love street food and trinkets. This blog is all about my musings and opinions. Early in Feb last (2013) year, I also became mommy to BabyT. Since then, this blog has seen a steady increase in baby and love related posts. Does that mean that this catty bookworm has gone mushy? Nope, I have instead transformed into worse- a Mommy Dragon. Read more about adventures and keep sharing your Meows/ comments.


My thoughts on the content of this About page:

  • I did not change it in two years! Reasons in the next post. (Yayy! Ideas for a new post are always cause for jumping with joy)
  • Technically, I was a girl in mid twenties, but I still left it as twenty-something. I am so vain. Still not changed.
  •  Meows? It sounded great in light of my blog’s tagline. But now I am not so sure.
  • It was so short. Sure, in conjunction with the previous years’ About Page contents, it seemed like a lot of stuff about me. But read in isolation, it seems awfully terse. And that is not a trait anyone associates with me. I am really eloquent and verbose. Read this point again, in case of doubts.
  • I am pretty sure I did not read this page again after publishing. Else, I would have definitely added the word ‘my’ before adventures. The importance of proof reading and revisiting! Sigh!

And that’s it. Do read my new About Page as well. Let me know what you think. Thanks for reading. Enjoy the weekend!


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