2015- Recap

In today’s post, I take stock of the year from different angles.

Commitment to Resolutions

  • I added a list of resolutions at the beginning of the year with my mantra being ‘Just Do It!’
  • I am happy to note that I have tried to be open about embracing new challenges. While not always successful or even gracious about it, it is a good start.
  • As far as blog posts go, I really was not able to stick to the Friday deadline. Also, I missed a few weeks due to traveling in India. Next time I shall schedule! No excuses this year.
  • NaNoWriMo – I did participate but did not win. But that’s okay as I did complete an online course that I had set my heart on. There’s always next year. I live in hope.
  • Gratitude Journal- I really wanted to but a week into the year, and ToddlerT turned my little notebook into her art book. Common sense prevailed and I now have an email id for ToddlerT with quotes, pics, notes for her. I also keep adding little folded notes about all the wonderful events and charitable moments for my own self.
  • Overall, I did not really meet any of my goals but I did have a lot of fun trying. I am glad I dated and learned good lessons from all my experiences.

Major Highlights

  • Two of my cousins were blessed with baby girls each. So, toddlerT now has a girly gang to play with. I can’t wait for them to grow up a bit and make beautiful memories.
  • India trip- five months of fun! Amazing! Sure, my writing suffered. But I hope I am forgiven for that.
  • Delaware trip – Meeting your twin is always marvelous. But my sis, ToddlerT and I had an absolute blast touring, traveling, talking! Girl Power!
  • ToddlerT’s summer camp. Mommy and Baby both made new friends.Yay!
  • ToddlerT started school!Woo hoo! I am so proud of my little one. She is growing up fast into an energetic, lively, talkative (Yippee! I have company) little girl!

Insights from WordPress

  • My top posts have been Einstein Prophecy, Indian Love, Indian Love-2. Clearly, there are people who like my quirks and honest writing! I am grateful to each one of you!
  • Lists also made it in my top posts- ToddlerT likes, Little Lies We Tell. I am delighted to find that my favorite lists made it in this list. Thanks everyone.
  • I got quite a lot of views from India, second only to USA where I live. And I not only suspect but also KNOW that my Mom is behind that. How she manages it, I am clueless but I am always glad she does it anyway! I inspire to be the same sort of support for ToddlerT!

More in the next year! Happy Holidays! And wish you all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!


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