Yippee! It’s A Girl!

Almost three years ago, God blessed Hubby and me with a beautiful little cherub, our own bundle of sugar and spice- Baby T! As she stands at the threshold of turning three, I’d like to share all the wonderful joys of having a Baby Girl! (Kids of all genders and orientation are special, but today’s post zones in on Baby Girls, sorry other Mommies)

  • Cute outfits. Baby girls can really be decked up. Our little one, took after her  Dad, so she was born with a head full of fine hair (I was a bald baby). So, not only did the entire family get to shop all these cutesy outfits, but also accessories. So adorable!
  • Two for talking. I am not complaining. It is good, no! great, to have a spouse, who is content to listen than talk. But really having a daughter ensures a constant stream of conversation. I love it!
  • Matching Game. I am so delighted to have one more person in the household who understands the concept of color coordination, matching outfits and shoes, the whole concept of aesthetics. I am overjoyed to discuss colors with someone who can discern the huge differences between pink, baby pink, Rani pink, pearl and red. Yes, they ARE different colors.
  • Pink and princess fever. I am mooning over this. (And chuckling as Hubs tries to follow along).
  • Tights/ stockings. I know I covered clothes, but seriously there is something so heart-stoppingly poignant about seeing baby girls in tights. Chubby legs, toddling towards a Mommy, swathed in tights! A vision to cherish, if ever was one. And don’t even get me started on how it tugs at Daddy’s heart strings.
  • Softies. I am against stereotypes. Really. All kids should be free to be whatever they please without being called names- like tomboy for girls, girly for boys, or all the shaming for those who fall in between. But I am human and fickle. So, I DO feel elated when my darling child is playing all happily, sitting down while her boyfriends are attempting to hurl themselves from every available surface… on their face… even after Mommies ask them not to… Yup, hearing ‘this is why I wanted a girl!’ does make me happy then. [So unworthy, I know. My mind and morals are not what they used to be…]
  • Mommy’s best Friend- I can’t wait to discuss clothes, fashion, go on shopping sprees, makeovers, with ToddlerT. A new Best Friend- growing up right in front of me! Yayy!
  • Daddy Dearest. If there is one thing that is comparable to seeing your little princess, it’s seeing The Man becoming Gentle Giant with his little girl! Totally precious!


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