Blogging 101- Day 2

Lists – that is the assignment for today. I love lists- so here goes.

What I use my iPhone for: (not just for Candy crush folks as lots of people seem to suggest)- that is the focus of this post. I know lots of people who brag about their iPhone without actually using it for anything useful but I also know plenty who are using this amazing device to do a lot. I also agree that the same can be said for any Apple device or Android. But back to the topic. I like to think of myself as a legit iPhone user, so here is my list of all the ways/ apps that I use in everyday life.

  1. Call, text- primary functions
  2. Whatsapp- should be clubbed with text. Except that this app delivers daily photos of ToddlerT  to her doting grandparents and aunts and uncles who happen to geographically way too distant. thank you technology
  3. Facetime and Skype- to keep in touch with the family. Though nowadays, I seem to be more of an operator than active participant. No use competing with an active grinning, loud toddler.
  4. Email- again, primary functions for Smartphones
  5. Calendar, Reminders, Alarm- again, smartphone’s basic functions. These are especially important when you are a mommy trying to cram in as much work as you can and keeping track of multiple events and participants – voluntary and enforced. Hehe!
  6. Weather Channel and Alerts- We live in the suburbs of Windy City! Need I say more?
  7. Music Apps and Youtube- My poison and saviour- all rolled into one.
  8. Camera & Gallery- Yes, I have to document every single picturesque frame, especially of ToddlerT. Even if were not so enamored of my little one’s angelic countenance, I have a duty to aforementioned family. Read point 2!
  9. Browsers- To read HBR blog, Forbes blog, discover recipes- especially now that I am the proud owner of a Vitamix, solve parenting Qs, read Scoopwhoop (yes, I do read mindless articles too), play Freerice, try to contribute to micro-volunteering sites, base decisions on Yelp reviews, etc. – I use my browser a lot. Thank you Search Engines!
  10. WordPress- the mobile site is excellent and easy to use.
  11. Amazon app- I am a Prime member
  12. Kindle, ibooks and Freebooks app- This bookworm needs her daily dose of reading to stay sane. And what better than a pocket sized library. Hooray!
  13. LinkedIn- professional purposes.
  14. Time To Potty app- Yup. I use it. It does help. The music is perky and the ‘Celebrations’ are awesome. I highly recommend to all potty training parents.
  15. Notes app- for all my lists. I love making and sticking to lists. And I do not have the time or inclination for keeping track of papers. (Pointless anyway with a curious toddler who loves papers of all kinds.) Grocery lists, ToddlerT’s Book reading list for library, Nanowrimo ideas, blog post ideas, note taking of nay kind- this is what I use. I also recommend Evernote but I keep it for professional purposes as well. So, it’s quite loaded and what with multiple notebooks, I was making it messy and cumbersome. So, I use it on my tab and use this for personal stuff.
  16. Coursera and Codeschool- These online tutorials have a nice app that makes learning on the go easy and fun.
  17. MyFitnessPal app- For logging my food intake and keeping track of my physical activity, including steps taken. (Daily goal- 10K steps) Their blog also has great tips to support a healthy and active lifestyle. Staying healthy was never so easy.
  18. Games- I used to have games once upon a time- including Bubble something (Candy crush’s cousin) and Fruit Ninja but who has the time for that anymore? Not this Mommy.
  19. Honorable mention- Google Docs- I ran out of space on my phone- so I recently deleted it. But I wrote my entire novel for Nanowrimo 2014 on it as it was accessible across all my devices, so it has to be listed here.

So, have I missed anything important that can make my iPhone experience even better? Let me know.


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