Blogging 201: Day 1

Today’s task is to customize the existing theme of this blog and try something new. The problem is that I already changed this blog several times to try and make it a blog I love. Once, I even played around simply because I had a writer’s block. 😦

So, what can I change? Practically nothing!

Different post formats- done.

Header- want it! Catty and opinionated- I am not for nothing.

Footer with widgets- looked ugly! Despite the fact that it was a list of my book reading in 2015.

The whole point of my choosing Chateau theme was its simple and minimalistic design.

Custom image on posts- done in few where the post warranted an amazing design.

Fonts- ah! Now this is something I did not alter in a long time. I know. Easy way out. But hey, one does not blog for over two years without playing around with the theme and finding something we love. WordPress would not be WordPress then! sO, that is what I’ve done- changed the fonts.

I still retained a bit of guilt- so I have written this post to counter it with the satisfaction of a published blog post. And to feel further conscientious and sincere, I am going to change the header image. I had kept my NaNoWriMo winner badge for the past year. But with the new Nanowrimo on, that seems silly. So, yayy! My first assignment on Blogging 201 -done! 🙂

Update: I kept staring at my blog in the hope that inspiration would hit me. And Eureka! I realized (oh the horror!) that I have two search boxes! Eeks! I have deleted the one in my sidebar and kept the one near my header. Hurrah! I am satisfied with my dedication to the assignment and my effort at following instructions in both spirit and the letter. 🙂


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