You Can Be Anything You Want

ToddlerT and I were watching an episode of Chota Bheem this week when we got this ad. It was so hilarious and inspiring that I simply had to share.

Raising a daughter who likes Legos and playing pretend with soft toys, who enjoys jumping and reading, talking and running, it has not been too hard to allow her bias free choices. But every once so often, I think – she can’t do that! And then,  a little voice tells me ‘Why Not?’ I am trying to give more power to that little voice- and trying to allow it to shout- ‘would be ok if she were a boy?’ so that my decisions ARE indeed free of gender bias.

I am a fairly unbiased person but not completely. Like when I heard the little one singing a song with the word ‘S@#Y’ in it. Shocking! Restrictions will need to be levied swiftly; I decided- on Baby and Daddy and me. But then I pondered, would I mind it so much, coming from a boy child. Yes. Would I be as shocked? Probably not! Ouch! After that unflattering enlightenment, I allowed her to continue singing. She does not know the meaning after all and it has a nice innocent video after all. Google ‘Tanu weds Manu Returns Banno’ if you like. I am still reeling with the knowledge that my unconscious bias still exists; despite years of effort at ridding myself of it. But I am also happy to note that I am at least aware and having these conversations in my mind.

Coming at a time like this, when I am still grappling with ToddlerT’s terrible twos, efforts at potty training (finally I see interest from the li’l one), tempering curious and often slightly dangerous antics of an experimental kid, AND trying not to be a fair Mommy, this video seemed extra special to me. ToddlerT owns only one Barbie (a gift) and I do not endorse the brand seeing how I have issues with the body images it signals.  But it seemed to me that the message of the video is the right one. AND it applies to everyone, young and old, girls AND boys and all the genders in between.

So, BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE! Enjoy the weekend ahead!


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  1. I have the exact same struggles. I have two girls, 4 1/2 and 1 1/2. I’m always trying to encourage them to do anything they want. It gets harder when they start school and come home telling you something is a “boy thing” or a “girl thing.” One thing I’m always encouraging my older daughter to do is play with the boys too. It’s good for them to play in a different way then they are used to. It broadens their horizons. The flip side is that I am careful not to associate any stigma with things that are girly. She loves pink, so what? Pinks a great color. She loves to play dress up and princess and I don’t want her to feel like that is wrong or less than somehow. I just want there to be balance and for her mind to be open to all the choices. That’s why we do ballet on Tuesdays and soccer on Friday ;-). Good job, mom!
    P.S. Try the potty episode of Daniel Tigers Neighborhood (it’s on netflix and youtube). Learn the song and sing it to her. My older daughter potty trained almost overnight after watching it (she was not quite 2 1/2 at the time).

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  2. Great post. I struggle with this too. Last night my daughter and her friend were playing dolls. They were feeding them and putting them to bed. It had my wondering if it is biological or society? We were at McDonald’s a couple of weeks and go and my daughter wanted the batman toy when we requested it the cashier said you want the boy toy??? I wanted to say no we want the batman toy. Why do you feel the need to label it.

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