Ten Things That Make Me Happy

It’s been a long time since I posted a list of anything. So here goes a list of ten things that make me happy, no matter what! (In no order of importance)

  1. ToddlerT saying ‘I Love You Mommy’ and hugging me
  2. Ice cream, especially two scoops of different flavors with chocolate syrup on them
  3. Splashing in the beach
  4. Looking at old photographs
  5. Trip to the library- always ready for that one
  6. Holding an infant-  precious little bundles can make even the hardest, sternest and most jaded of people smile
  7. Opening / filling a Smile Box
  8. Wearing new clothes/ accessories
  9. Eating street food- all those empty calories probably spike up my sugar rate and hence, make me feel temporarily happy. But hey, it does lift my mood. (And this list did not intend to be about nice or healthy or even viable options, right?)
  10. Sitting on an exercise ball (There’s a healthy option!). I recently discovered this. With all the effort of staying on and the gleeful sense of accomplishment that ensues, hard to stay down.

So, what makes you happy?


4 thoughts on “Ten Things That Make Me Happy

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  1. Hi! Great post. I just saw your header that you completed nanowrimo. Congrats! That was gonna be the topic of my next post. I am trying to convince a friend to do it with me but we both have a fear of failure. Any tips on carving out time to write with little ones vying for attention?


    1. Just keep typing away in all your spare moments. I used Google Docs and woke up 30 mins early everyday. Scrolling was a pain, once the doc grew; but was worth being able to write/access on my phone, tab, mac, everywhere whenever I had even a few minutes to add or ponder the story. Having a basic plot and the spirit of the story helped too!


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