Life and Other Near-Death Experiences- Camille Pagan

Hello folks. This week again I bring you a book review. (Thank you Hubs for the Amazon Prime membership. The free Kindle book alone every month makes it SOOO worth it!)

Ok let me begin with my honest bias against this book. I thought it would be dark or movie-esque where everything suddenly turns around in a miraculous turn of events. Plus, the movie begins with:

A dying woman. What?

Her marriage has failed. Nooo!

She lost her mom at the tender young age of ten. What could be worse?!

Her boss makes the ‘Devil Wears Prada boss’ look kind. Seriously, this is the worst.

She is struggling with infertility. Graveyard humor?!!

So, imagine my astonishment when the book actually turned out to be cheerful, hopeful, hilarious and gripping all at once. Despite all those insurmountable odds. True story. Go read the book at once. Trust me, all does work out for the said lady. She does get her happy ending. And all one step at a time. You’ll love it!

I like how the dilemmas and distress are not overblown yet not overwhelmingly tragic either. And how the story and the heroine go forward with life, slowly, cautiously, with all the trepidation, tenuous faith, prodding, second guessing that are part of anyone’s life -especially of one  at whom life has thrown so many curveballs. Ending this review before I spoil it for those who are yet to read it. Hilarious, hopeful, that’s what this book is! Happy reading!


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