The Nine Rooms of Happiness

Book Review: The Nine Rooms of Happiness- Lucy Danziger & Dr. Catherine Birndorf

“Life and all the various roles we, women play, explained in terms of the different rooms in a house”. ‘Interesting!’, I thought as I grabbed the book. Skimming through  (I dislike books that turn boring between the introduction and climax) I found all the anecdotes I read seemed inarguably real- as in genuine, authentic. I borrowed the book and now that I finished it, am glad I took it.

With short anecdotes for a variety of problems, the authors ponder on how we get lost in the small and big decisions of life and get trapped in trouble, resentment or simply unable to reach our fullest capacity of happiness. By sharing empathetic and practical suggestions, the authors stay helpful and sensible but never turn preachy. I nodded along to many of the stories shared in the book. Even with issues I myself have never dealt with, I found understandable and relatable. It’s easy to think, ‘that’s natural to happen, and yep, that does seem like the right way to get past this problem’.

Another interesting fact is the occurrence of Venn diagrams, correlation, analogies in the book. These elements ought to make this a boring, businesslike book. But, it did not. The narrative is genuine, grounded and sympathetic with a good dose of humour thrown in. A great read for all women – with ways to enrich our lives and find more happiness in life.

The part of the book I loved the most is the purpose of the book. The nine Rooms of Happiness is not just intended for the meek and unhappy but also for those who wish to merely savour all the happiness in their lives.

Overall- a great book!

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