Food on my Mind

This week has been full of new dishes that I got to try and that is the subject of today’s post. (Hooray for not having to cook)

  1. Yellow Thai curry at Albany. No pics taken as the sweet, fragrant gravy with rice was too enticing.
  2.  Pineapple rice in Rasa Sayang restaurant. The serving was splendid, service efficient and the tastes delicious. Yumm!
  3.  Paneer wrap with lettuce salad and green chutney (spicy herb dip) at a friend’s place. Excellent, considering the lady has an active one year old AND had a spic and span home. Impressive! 
  4. Nachos, cheese dip and salsa aboard the ferry at Cape may. Must say there is something about beaches and lakes and water bodies that makes me insanely crave junk food.
  5. Chia seed smoothie- a secret recipe that my sis and her hubby refuse to share but delicious and healthy and filling. Awesome! 
  6. Jamaican style Ginger Ale – I have only read about them in books and was totally unsure about the taste. While not love at first taste, I am beginning to like it; especially after downing heavy meals. 

To a great week, and with hopes that the good streak continues, Adieu!

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