Movie Time

in the past fortnight, Hubs and I watched a loooot of TV. Okay, not so much, but considering that our viewing time has been drastically reduced thanks to a toddler (and greatly restrained with regards content); this was a lot.

We watched the following movies – all Bollywood:

Special 26– with a star cast of Anupama Kher and Manoj Bajpai and Jimmy Shergill, it promised to be good. Add to it Akshay Kumar’s star factor, I was intrigued. I am happy to report that movie not only lived up to my lofty expectations but also exceeded it. Yayy! And it is a family movie, so old and young can watch alike. That is noteworthy considering the kind of movies with vulgar comedy, suggestive dances and offensive language being used unnecessarily. The climax too was totally amazing.  Complete thumbs up from me!

No One Killed Jessica– this is not a new movie. And I heard from several reliable sources that the movie was excellent. I just did not get around to watching it. Even now that the incident it is based on is resolved, it is a hard hitting movie. Makes you reflect on the loopholes in our judiciary. Hmmm…. Sad but true.

Aurangzeb– Anupam Kher, Prithviraj, Rishi Kapoor- that seemed to make it a good watch. The surprise element was Arjun Kapoor in a double role. I have no idea why I did not even hear of this movie considering the huge hype surrounding this particular actor. Ok, my TV viewing is sadly negligible – but cannot believe I did not even hear a whisper of this movie. Though after watching the entire movie, I guess I know why. Perhaps my taste in movies has changed or maybe mommy-hood has robbed me of my ability to comprehend of grasping complex concepts. Don’t judge, but I found this movie’s plot extremely complicated and twisted and unpredictable- in not such a pleasant way and certainly stretched too far. Worth a single watch though. Plus, the heroine- or the lady who comes in a scanty role with scantier clothes gets killed. Yayy! I am not one for violence, and hey, the lady did not have a role. Plus, the writer spared the audience any more songs (2 were already unnecessary) and the dilemma of which brother she would finally choose. Thank God for small mercies. I know, after all this rant. I still consider this a one time watch? Yep. for Rishi Kapoor. For the double games played. For suspense of guessing how the writer eventually ties up all the loose ends (there are many) and who wins in the end (plenty of bad guys and one lady too).

Once Upon a Time Dobaraa–  I could not stand this movie, so when ToddlerT interrupted us, I went away. Akshay Kumar was ok. Imran Khan was annoying. His train scene was boring. Not like Aamir Khan’s scene in Ghulam -whose ‘inspiration’ was clear but unfortunately not even remotely replicated. I probably watched a fourth of the movie. Skip it.

Mary Kom– An inspiring movie like the World Champion whose biopic it is based on. Priyanka Chopra did a good job with her accent, body language and facial expressions. I had not expected such a stellar performance from her. (Think Jaal, What’s Your Rashee, etc.) All the characters were great and the film realistic. The dilemma of every woman who is caught between career aspirations and the dream of her own family and motherhood was crisply and touchingly essayed. Very tastefully shot. I do grudge the last scene being stretched at least two minutes longer than necessary. The ‘poor baby in the hospital messing with her fighting spirit’ scene could have been reduced but I can say from personal experience that such events do seem to span a lifetime. So, maybe it was right. Besides, the kiddos were so adorable. And two minutes is nothing compared to the regular dose of drama in Indian movies, so I shall quell my lofty expectations. A very good movie indeed.

And that concludes my movie marathon and review. What movies did you watch recently? Leave me some recommendations. Ta-ta for now!


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