Exercising at home. Yes, I am trying to do it. The word ‘trying’ being of great significance. Because trying to improve my fitness levels is trying my mind and body (the latter in greater degree). Plus, the word is also a better description for attempting this activity with a toddler that is awake. I have learned one lesson after a year of toddlerhood and that is: One does not do any task. Nope. One only attempts to do any activity. If you finish a reasonable amount, consider it done. If it does not look like you did anything, get used to it. And if you finished it, pat yourself on the back, because you’re awesome. 

Anyway, I am still thanking the toddler for allowing me to partly finish a few exercises. I did not finish the entire session I had planned, but hey I was counting on it. The good news is that I did get a work out. Shooing the little one, hopping off the yoga mat while doing a hip twist, doing crunches with the tot smugly perched on your person gives you a far more energetic workout than one imagines. He he he!

I am right now in relaxation mode, in Sleep-asana pose and typing away while ToddlerT mimics my previous acrobatics with glee (with greater precision and fewer groans than me. Sigh!)

Ah, another day, another hope! Do wish me luck folks! 🙂