Just finished reading Bum Rap by Paul Levine. Here is the review of the book:

Loved the courtroom scenes. They were detailed, technical and gripping without being an information overload. the emotional scenes were not overlooked either. All the characters were fleshed out well, complete with dilemmas, flaws and foibles. Definitely will recommend to my father who loves courtroom novels, mum who loves fast paced and drama novels ( in equal measure). 
What I loved about the book:

The scene in the courtroom with opening statement by Jake – one of the main characters. Awesome

The surprise twist in the courtroom proceedings

Realism of the characters

Conversations, camaraderie and conflicts among the characters.

I simply devoured the book and will recommend it to my parents and all friends who love a fast paced crime fiction. Would love to hear about your recent fav read.