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That is the view from our window! Looks blissful, right? A picture says a thousand words and all that. But sadly it also hides many facts. An amusing look at some facts that belie the picture this particular photo paints.

  • The temperature outside is fourteen degrees. 
  • The wind is pretty strong, making the weather worse.
  • We are in a long weekend, at home, suffering from varying degrees of cold. šŸ˜¦
  • Our entire floor is strewn with a zillion toys and Lego blocks thanks to an enthusiastic ToddlerT. Hence the aerial shot.
  • ToddlerT is in a snit because she needs to be changed and fed- and she does not like it!
  • Mommy, that’s me, am in a snit because the little one needs to be changed and fed; but won’t and I don’t like it!

Ahem, see! Plenty of times what we see is not altogether what is real. And hence, the title of this post. So be happy, don’t compare, stay positive and enjoy the holidays. 

P.s.: As an aside, I need to add that this post was crafted during a time out- for me! Yup, I take the time outs. ToddlerT usually is ready to negotiate when I try this (not too often ). Even if not, I like the momentary ME time and usually can come up with fresh ideas to tackle my fiesty li’l darling. He he he!