To Chicago, With Love

This post is about all the things that I love about Chicago and USA in general. As promised, here is the post I have been talking about, in no order of importance:
Cold stone Creamery – the way the ice cream is prepared is just one degree short of the goodness of the ice cream itself.
Hobby and craft stores like Marshalls
Store Return policies that are simple and accommodating
Beautiful buildings
Architectural Boat tours at Navy pier
Wonderful free Libraries
Super fast internet
Restrooms everywhere – neat, beautiful and well maintained always
Traffic obedience and lane discipline
People who always wish others Good Day or morning or whatever is the right salutation
Free parks
Hospitals that do not reek of the smell of Disinfectant but rather emit a clean, mild,
fresh scent
Continuous power and water supply
Onion cutters (I hate, I mean, dislike onions)
Play Doh
The concept of Gift Receipts
The concept of value cards as gifts
Flash sales
Tandem Bikes (a blessing for people who are yet to master the art of riding a bike, like dear old me)
Diaper bags (I did not even know about this concept until an older and wiser cousin gifted me one)
A very prepared and competent governing body that responds promptly to all of nature’s furies, be it snow, wind or heat
Accurate weather forecasts
Well developed Tourist spots- I feel sorry about some of the beautiful but unkempt places that have not yet received the adulation and attention they deserve in my home country.

At this point, I am going to stop and continue at another time. Until then, bye-bye!


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