Indian Love -2

i talked about all the things that I love about India a fortnight or so ago. Continuing on the same vein, here are just a few more:
Bargaining while shopping
Street food (especially in Mumbai)
No fire alarms and the joy of frying in oil without the terrifying auditory accompaniment of smoke alarms (true it might be hazardous, but still, sometimes i wish the stupid thing would be quiet as i cook my favorite stuff)
ToddlerT happily chasing cows, stray dogs and roosters and giggling all the while (i must confess here that as a city brat, i myself keep a safe distance between the aforementioned animals and me and cheerfully relegate these activities for ToddlerT’s Dad)
Open doors or at least grill gates everywhere
Lots of gossip
Firecrackers at all moments of joy; even if they are personal or silly
Sunshine- lots of it
Scent of flowers in braided hairstyles (mostly on others as I still sport a mommy bun)
Home Delivery
Cheap ironing services
Bookstores selling old used books at huge discount prices

Again, the list is not complete or exhaustive and also subject to change. Watch this space for a list of things I love about Chicago and USA in my next post.have a splendid week ahead . Ta-ta.

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