2015 Mantra

It is time to let out the mantra for 2015. As usual, I analysed what I hoped to get out of the year, my goals, ambitions, existing plans. Then I looked at my interests and inclinations and most importantly, responsibilities as well as strengths and weaknesses. And throughout the entire exercise, I got the recurring theme of time management and prioritization.

Some of the phrases and words I tossed around in my mind were Organization, Prioritization, Discipline, ‘One step at a time’ and ‘5 minutes more’. You get the drift. As a toddler mommy, time is a premium. ToddlerT is disciplined, yes, touch wood. She sleeps during the day at reasonably specific times, so, I do get her nap times to work, Unfortunately, there are so many tasks then battling for attention -household chores, tasks related with my own varied interests, impromptu activities, seasonal chores, overwhelmingly too many jobs. And let me not even get started on the ever necessary ‘Me time’. The days I do not get it, I am cranky and snapping at everything. The days I overdo my leisure time, I feel guilty AND nothing seems to get done. Your typical mommyhood life, in short. So, I have decided to adopt my ever favorite list making tendency and Achieving streak to get through the days and the weeks by using the same technique I use to keep my mails in check (both emails and physical bills).

And that brings me to the mantra of this year- Do, Delete or Delegate.

Do stands for Do it- either immediately or set up a reminder immediately about the task.

Delete- so self explanatory but very difficult to bring myself to say no. But unfortunately, very important to strip away unnecessary and useless tasks, right?

Delegate- cowboy coder, superwoman, DoItAll, Perfectionist, call what you will. It is impossible to don one or all these hats all the time. So, I am going to ask help and/or delegate stuff that I do not need to do or that others can do better.

Let’s see how this approach works and wish me luck. Here’s to a fabulous year ahead for all those reading this. Take care and remember to have fun. [I am pencilling in those first on my calendar! 🙂 ]


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