A Happy New Year – to me!!

Happy New Year everyone! But most of all, I would like to wish myself a very happy new year!!

My grandmother passed away on 31st morning! Despite the fact that she was 95+, frail and bedridden for over two years, AND recently hospitalized, it is still a shock.

That was the third demise in this year. Hubby’s paternal grandma passed away in September- a most devastating loss. Especially to me, because she was my friend first, grandmother by marriage second. In the three years I knew her, we had become girlfriends of sort, we shared a silly girly relationship that makes me always think of her as a woman (despite the difference in our age) and a grandma second. It’s complicated.

We had hardly digested that sorry bit of information, when Hubby lost his other grandma. She was my grand aunt as well and only in her fifties. Seriously, 2014, you were nasty , nasty, nasty. And that last day news simply made me glad to see the last of you.

Really! Add in a few lost babies, some unhappy friends, a sick friend of ToddlerT- not a very inspiring year at all. That is why I am wishing myself a Happy New Year. I am so eager to start a fresh year that holds the promise of glad tidings and joyous memories.

But again, we have to let go of the past to truly embrace the new. And so, I am listing all the good things that 2014 gave me as recompense for all the bad. Forgive the long windedness and triviality, but this post is for me. I want to feel that 2014 was not so bad after all.

  1. Hubby got promoted.
  2. We bought a brand new car.
  3. My twin sis graduated with her Masters from UDel. The esteemed Joe Biden was the chief guest at their grand graduation event.
  4. BabyT celebrated her very first birthday early last year.
  5. My mom, ToddlerT and I attended sis A’s graduating ceremony.
  6. We all visited DC.
  7. Finally, we visited Disney in Florida. What a great trip!
  8. 3 of my cousin sisters had baby boys. Our generation has seen all firstborn girls (except my first bro), so this was a surprising change from the usual.
  9. My bestie from school had a beautiful baby gal.
  10. Two of my cousins got married.
  11. Two of my cousins – by marriage – are expecting the pitter patter of little feet this year.
  12. India launched a successful mission to Mars.
  13. Sis A started her new job.
  14. Despite taking a career break to help me, my Mom bagged a fabulous new job. God bless!
  15. ToddlerT can walk and run, almost jump and speak in short sentences as well.
  16. Won Camp NanoWriMo and NaNoWriMo this year.
  17. Got my learner’s license for Driving in US.
  18. I finished reading 12 books this year.
  19. 200 people now think my blog is worth following. Thank you so very much!
  20. ToddlerT can also say ‘Thank You’ now. All on her own!

Hmm…. I already feel much better. Wishing everyone who was with me till this point, in reading this post and in sympathy and strength, a Happy New Year! Thank you! If not, well, thanks for touching/ glimpsing my life.

Have a wonderful year ahead and take care!!



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