Sweet Little Lies

I a going to hit the Big 3 in a couple of years… OMG… just writing that makes me feel old. I feel worse when the little voice in my mind corrects me, tauntingly saying ‘actually, that happens in precisely a year and a half’. Ouch. Little lies. They make us happier. Right?

How about lying by omission? They prevent social faux pas, uncomfortable situations, so much heart break. I use the ‘keeping the truth hidden to shield’, ‘being dishonest to be nice’ ones as well. I use one of my Dad’s favorite character’s line a lot while doing that. Perry Mason stated (the name of that character): What is truth but something that upsets the apple cart. I believe in that.

Telling the truth is good but sometimes, given the situation, the lie is better.

I do not advocate dishonesty or falsification or deceit. No, I do not. I hate fakers. But I am experienced enough, if not wise enough, to know that few things are absolute in this world. Right or wrong is a matter of perspective, context, upbringing, environment. Good and bad, right or wrong, is relative. So, is truth. WIth so much pain and suffering in the world, what will I gain, in most trivial situations, by giving out the truth, and that too, only as I know it; only to cause pain or unpleasantness. A little lie, or a well intentioned omission is far better.

Yes, sometimes, the sweet little lies are better. What do you think? Would love to hear your views. Take care and have a fun weekend.

[In response to today’s Daily Prompt]


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