Hello everyone!

Yes, this brave blogger and Mommy is back. After battling it out and not completely unscathed or truly victorious, I have come to announce the first tiny achievement. I completed 50 K words on NaNoWriMo. NO. My novel is far from over It is only close to about half done. But, fifty thousand words have been written. And it is time now to relax, smell the roses and revel in the happiness of this first milestone. Yayy!!

50K words done, now what?

  • I need to share my pearls of wisdom from this fantastic experience.
  • Attack my piles of laundry and dirty dishes that had to wait. Like rearing a baby, novels do not get done magically. You have to work at it. That means household chores like ironing, cleaning have to be put last on the priority list. Need to be done only when urgent, okay? But since reaching the 50K mark, I can devote some spare time to those mundane chores as well.
  • Finish the rest of my novel.It is still, just half done, remember?
  • Bake some cookies. Preferably chocolate ones with chocolate chips. I reached 50K. That calls for celebration. Besides, it is winter and snowing in the Windy City.
  • Relax and savour the glory of being a winner.
  • Gloat over winner goodies.