Quick Hello!

Howdy folks!!

I know, I know- my posts are so irregular, right? Well, NaNoWriMo is upon us and it’s only fair that this toddler Mommy spend every spare minute attacking the next novel or at least 50K words.

I actually am itching to get back to that much abused main character of mine and browbeat her into acting to my will (a fitting heroine for this opinionated and catty and headstrong blogger) but I still owe myself to forewarn the scant few readers who venture into this humble blog. Yes, my fellow bloggers. Please be warned and brace yourself for terse posts in the next twenty one days.

Things you can expect:

  1. Delayed posts
  2. Elaborate posts about nothing in particular (an oft used trick to reach 50K words)
  3. Rants
  4. Frequent mention of coffee (how else do you survive writing marathons)
  5. Photos- badly taken and again about nothing in particular – just to see the satisfaction of Published on my screen. Blog post count matters – yes, it’s a month of ferociously targeting counts.
  6. bad grammar and minimal editing (that’s what we do AFTER we reach 50 k and some and win the NanoWriMo goodies, and not a moment before)
  7. News about ToddlerT – lots to say and repeat- with the same amount of awe, exasperation and enthusiasm every single time
  8. Lists about favorite items, ranging from the intriguing to insanely uninteresting
  9. Quotes with pictures. Lucky if, picture and quote match.
  10. Harried updates about word count or the lack of it

And with that, I am satisfied to see that I have written more than two hundred and fifty words (yes, numbers should be written in words, another favorite NanoWriMo writer trick). So, I can end this badly arranged medley of words that I am unashamedly going to call a blog post. Au revoir people and wish me Luck!


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