Sunny Days Ahead!

Hello folks!

This post is a list of all the great things coming up in the days ahead….

  1. Improved weather. It’s been quite splendid by way of weather the past few days. Sure, winter will be here in a jiffy. But for now, let’s enjoy the sunshine.
  2. NaNoWriMo is less than a week away. I will be participating this year and that is something I’m really excited about. I learnt  a lot from the exercise in 2012, and Camp Nanowrimo, so I am very much looking forward to a writing marathon. So, shape up all those writing muscles and get ready.
  3. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, all the celebrations are about to begin. That means one thing and one thing only- Fun times ahead. Cheerful atmosphere, decorations everywhere, (fresh snow), Cosier car seat times for ToddlerT (less fuss for us!!), less work and more family time for Hubby and thinking up more resolutions for next year. Awesome. I’m already feeling upbeat just thinking about this.
  4. We have one birthday party to attend, one housewarming function too.
  5. My book reading sprint is still on and I’m loving it… 🙂
  6. We are planning a trip or two soon and that prospect itself is so thrilling. Yayy! I love travel and so does our little nest.
  7. I’ve got some great blog post ideas and I’m happy to see that I’m posting at least once a week, so it’ll be fun to keep at it with the ideas I’m sitting on.

That’s all the impending news for now. Here’s wishing fun times ahead for everyone… Ciao!


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