Mirror Image

Today’s post is an exercise of sorts- ten minutes of writing. And what am I writing about? TOday I take a potshot at the woman in the mirror. So, here is a list after an objective reflection of the flaws and features of the person who looks back at me- the Good, Bad and the Quirky.


  1. I am disorganized. (the mirror is ceiling to floor and hence, this point.)
  2. My hair is mostly tousled and unkempt. (despite all the brushing and combing)
  3. I talk too much.
  4. I ponder even more.
  5. Procrastination is one of my chief flaws.
  6. All my short and sweet letters have three paragraphs or more. (Even with the baby)
  7. I still think of ToddlerT as Baby. (She is 20 months old and quite a hearty personality)
  8. I love junk food.
  9. Despite my best efforts, I seem snobbish and indifferent. Reality: I mind my own business and expect others to do  the same. I can’t stand fake people or nosey parkers.
  10. I always overpack. My school bag, diaper bags, handbags, clutches all bulge with the stuff I carry.


  1. I never divulge secrets or confidences shared to me.
  2. I am constantly reflecting on my flaws and trying to improve myself.
  3. Count on me to talk to anyone. I am a hostess’s delight. (yup, i can curb my Mommy musings when i am in conversations and talk about music, art, travel, coding, traditions.)
  4. I always greet people exuberantly.
  5. Agony Aunt is a role I play effortlessly.
  6. I love salads.
  7. My reading speed is 600+. (How do you think I remain updated on aforementioned topics of conversation?!!)
  8. I never judge people by their clothes.
  9. I try not to judge people at all. (Not always a success, but points definitely for trying.)
  10. All my decisions are deliberate. SO, I don’t regret any decision, big or small. Sure, with hindsight, things can always be done differently and/or better. But, I rest in the knowledge that given my experience and information, all my decisions have been the best I could make and I take full responsibility for them.


  1. I snore. Sad but  true. (especially for Hubby dear)
  2. I love long, dangly earrings.
  3. Despite being right-handed, I always wear my watch on my right. (I’m told that’s irregular.Whatever!)
  4. I use Whatever!! a lot.
  5. Outrageous stories by tourist guides are enjoyed by me. They’re entertaining and fun.
  6. My toe nails are always painted. (except for brief lapses when BabyT was really tiny.)
  7. I have a head for insignificant facts.
  8. Lists are another love.
  9. One white hair is always cropping up on my head ever since I was fourteen. It comes back in 3-4 weeks after I remove it. Stubborn little hair.
  10. I don’t like sharing my ice cream

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