Twenty-five Seven – Accomplish Nothing and yet Everything!

This is a response to today’s Daily Prompt.

If an hour were added to every day, what would I do? Probably nothing, and yet everything. So, in a true compulsive list-maker fashion, here is a … you guessed it- LIST! of things I would do.

  • Make a list entitled Things to Do
  • Get depressed, that I have SOOO many pending chores.
  • Attend to what ToddlerT is asking me.  (yup, BabyT truned 20 months, so she is a baby no longer. Except to me)
  • Make a different list – Fun Projects to do.
  • Take a look around the house and at ToddlerT and decide previous list is too long.
  • Select one fun project and a second, just in case, you know. There’s always hope. Maybe I’ll be super-efficient and the toddler will cooperate and I’ll actually have the energy and inclination for more stuff to do. I would not want to while time at that point, deciding , to do right?
  • Worry if I’m not being completely attentive to ToddlerT and impinging on some Momma-Baby bonding time.
  • Have all self-doubt fly out of the window as aforementioned child screams her annoyance at being interrupted. Endure her I’m-doing-fine-all-by-myself look.
  • Take five minutes to clear the house. It really needs to be done before starting the fun project.
  • Realize that ToddlerT thinks cleaning is a fun game and wants to join. Goodbye cleaning.
  • Feel hungry and feed T a home cooked snack. (If I am, she must be too)
  • Stuff self unhealthy junk at supersonic speed.
  • Debate whether time is sufficient for fun project to be begun. Have fun debating with the little voices in mind.
  • Jerk self out of wandering thoughts and play with toddlerT.
  • Realize extra hour is almost up.
  • Throw away all thoughts and start fun project with ToddlerT anyway.
  • Eureka moment. Again.ToddlerT does not care what she’s doing so long as she’s doing stuff with her Momma dearest. (Of course, she needs to be allowed to scream and sing at top of voice and intermittently, try her hand at wall murals with confiscated crayons in recompense for being the angel she is).
  • Have an unfinished Fun Project but feel happy at having started it at least.
  • Type crazily fast to document all the going-ons of past, extra hour as  a blog post.
  • Feel extra happy at having published a wordpress post as well. Feel happier at the thought of not having any guilt for next six days, because yayy! I already have a post.
  • Thank readers.
  • Spend next hours wondering if the post warranted being published, needed to be polished or Good grief, had grammatical errors!

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