How I select my Library Books

Books, list, me/my choices. Three of my favorite things. Toss them together and you get the list of type of books I select whenever I go to the library.

  1. Comfort Book – This is always a book by one of my favorite Authors. It’s one that I’ve already read but never mind reading again. A book for those times when I’m hard pressed for time but still want to read something. Ok, let me be honest. This is a book that I can let go at a second’s notice to get back to my toddler, my urgent chores, and life in general without ranting or dallying. Like comfort foods, these are familiar and induce some wonderful feelings.
  2. Educated Choice – This is a book by authors I like and a title I’ve never read before. Since I’m familiar with the author, it’s always something that I enjoy reading.
  3. Romance Novel – I really like the genre and it’s always nice to read something mushy and girlie. Books that are completely targeted at the female populace always are a hit with me. I love books about women, feelings, romance, babies, (and the adorable grandmother/ aunt or rascally uncle/father. )
  4. Detective Work – I love mysteries and crime fiction. I think authors do such wonderful jobs of reconstructing scenes such that everything seems confusing and muddled at first and crystal clear at the end.
  5. Don’t Judge a book by its Cover; Go for the Book Jacket instead – Book jackets usually are accurate in representing the ideas and style of the book and thought flow of the writer. For the most part, this is a very good indicator of if I will like the book or not.
  6. What’s in a Title – I choose one book by the merit of its title. Majority of the times, the book turns out great. It’s a great way for me to check out authors I’m unacquainted with. I rate this technique as being more successful in the non-fiction genre than fiction though.
  7. Mish-mash Selection – This is a book that I select randomly based on title, genre. This is definitely a non-fiction book. sometimes, its an eye-catching book next to a book from one of the above categories.

So, what do you read and how do you select your books?


Share your thoughts and comments here.

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