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Hmm… I was gloating over the books I brought back from the library. And immmediately I realized that my choice of books says a lot about me.

Naturally, I had to ponder long deep and hard, and marvel at how accurately it represented my personality and character. And that is the food for today’s thoughts- my deductions, a la Poirot style.

  1. I love books.
  2. BabyT loves books.
  3. I like sticking to what I know. I am not very experimental. ANd that is reflected in the fact that I jump at the same authors over and over again.
  4. I am a feminist. I like drama. I like romance. That’s why my selection of authors is predominantly female. Yes, I am supporting readwomen2014.
  5. I have my favorites, authors whose books I read again and again, simply because I like the flood of familiar feelings and emotions they invoke.
  6. I am a fast reader. With a toddler, if I am confident of getting any reading done, that definitely implies the fact.
  7. I am disorganised. When I was looking at my books, ok, the library checked out list, since all the books are lying wherever I started reading the, it was completely random. Not even books by the same author had been taken out together. I do tend to flutter back and forth between the aisles grabbing books.
  8. Self help is not a genre I am very keen on. I did not take a single one. In my opinion, if it’s fiction; I’ll make time to read it. If it’s self help, I am a mommy. I don’t have the time to spare. Awful, but hey, that’s me- Brutally honest.
  9. I read book jackets and don’t spare much thought for the cover. None of the books I grabbed had a rivetting cover. Except for one book colored pink, rest all are sober in their cover designs.
  10. I take my mommy responsibility very seriously. (read potential over ambitious Mama). The dozen books I picked for BabyT included counting, touchy feely ones, rhyme books, animals books, learn your words books. Perhaps, I should not disclose this point. Never mind…

So, what does your selection say about you?