Rules to Live By

Facts of life:
Baby T is over a year old. She turned 17 months… how the days pass! Sigh!
2 years to go before I turn 30! EEKS!
Hubby and I celebrated 3 wonderful years together last week. Happy grin!

This means I have been an adult for quite some time now and really need to get cracking on formulating my rules for adult life… a la Happiness Project Style.
So, here goes:

  1. If you want something, get it. Whether it’s a glass of water or your dream job, go after it yourself.
  2. Enjoy at least one sunset and sunrise every year.
  3. Smile once every day.
  4. If you must abuse or hurl insults or be nasty, do it in front of your mom. Only three things can happen. You won’t be able to or your mom will diffuse the situation or worst case, you’ll have the one person in this world who will vehemently deny that you ever did it as eye witness. 🙂
  5. Never postpone decisions or bill payments to the last day.
  6. Whenever in a dilemma before a big decision or writing under extreme emotion, ask yourself these three questions. Would you want to explain this to your in laws? Imagine, would you like your teenage kids to to hear about this? Would you like to hear this about your kids? If your answer is no to any of the above 3 questions, DO NOT do it. [At this point I would like to emphasize imagine. Conversations about whether you have, can’t or won’t have kids are private and I am not venturing into such sensitive topics. Life is a battle as it is.]
  7. Tell the truth. White lies like I am not lazy and I am an awesome mom aside, lies get discovered. If not, imagine the countless scenarios when people, especially the ones you dislike announce, Guess what I found out? Not worth it!
  8. Dress nicely. Unless you have a kid younger than 12 months, or have old people or Godzilla about you trample under his slimy, stinky foot, there is no reason to look shoddy. Always look ready to receive your mom’s dinner guests on her birthday.
  9. Paint your nails in your favorite color. Your favorite. You’ll be in touch with yourself and it’s an awesome feeling and you can change as often you like. (And if like me, your toes are a brilliant shade of orange or hideous green, you can mask them in shoes)
  10. Believe in yourself.

Share your thoughts and comments here.

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