On Writing…

Today’s post is an exercise in writing- to continuously write for fifteen whole minutes. So, here I am trying to pen my thoughts on a most unoriginal topic – WRITING.

  • I like writing. Correction, I love writing.
  • I like writing in lists even better.
  • Letters are my favorite form of writing. Of course, my blog is not an accurate reflection of my great fondness for letters. Hmm… now there’s an idea for future posts. Awesome.
  • Blogging is stress busting for me.
  • I signed up for WordPress initially because I wanted to read and comment on some great bloggers I’d discovered in this world.
  • My blog now is my outlet for creativity and if truth be told, feeds a special sense of purpose. It was only on reading Julia Quinn’s Romancing MrBridgerton that I realized that my blog is my body of work. It gives me  a sense of accomplishment and pride. Each post that I write is lovingly crafted. Each post, even this one that I am hurriedly typing, has my unique voice and moods and is symbolic of me. Perhaps that’s why people feel so pained when harsh and negative comments are left by others. Critique on our writing is critique on us, right. That’s why I always try to be nice myself when commenting.
  • Ever since BabyT arrived in my life, my blogging conversations seem to be revolving around her. Since she is so adorable and the love of my life, she shall be mentioned in this post as well. A friend told me, once a mommy, always a mommy.
  • While on the topic of writing, I have to speak about Nanowrimo. Camp Nanowrimo resumes in July. People, go for it. Also, start gearing up for the actual event due in November. Everyone has a novel in them. Completed or not, the mere process of trying to reach the 50K mark gets you disciplined and realistic about what a complicated thing it is to etch out a novel. Sign up is free. So, just do it.
  • My scribblings are not all relegated to blogs. I keep a gratitude journal. It’s not a daily diary although I try. Rather it contains my account of wonderful moments in life. Since, I write actual details and names, I am loathe to share it online for privacy concerns. The best part about this journal is that I can fill it up when and how I like.
  • I write like I speak and since I talk a lot, my writing tends to be quite verbose.

Hmm… this post was fun and i actually went ahead for more than fifteen minutes. Fellow bloggers, try it. Who knows, what hidden thoughts, ideas and treasures might surface?


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