This week’s Writing Challenge prompt is Lists! Wow! I love lists and keep plenty – for grocery and shopping, to keep track of to-do items, to remember things to take on trips and so on. So, here is a list I like best of all – random facts about me.

  • Random lists are my favorite.
  • I love checklists because crossing out items gives me a heady sense of accomplishment. (Achiever is one of my traits, courtesy the Strengthsfinder Test)
  • Most of my favorite authors are women. Hooray, I totally support #readwomen2014.
  • I like collecting random facts.
  • I consider stating the aforementioned facts as one of my best conversational moves. They make me appear more well informed and intelligent than what I am. Case in point, I pointed out during a recent trip that the statues of heroes on horses have universal rules while being created. And that the number of legs touching the ground indicate the manner in which they passed away.  Yup, weird but useful.
  • My speed reading speed is 642 wpm with comprehension of 85%. Yippee!! Though my average is just 550. But never mind, still pretty good.
  • I like bullet lists better than numbered.
  • All my gratitude journals have been written in tiny notepads in even tinier handwriting.
  • All my lists are round numbers or seven in count. It is challenging because I keep them in bullets. 🙂
  • I always make resolutions I can keep.

6 thoughts on “Lists

  1. I enjoyed reading your list and went immediately to strengthsfinder after I read it. My highest are Believing, Unifier and Prudent. Thanks for mentioning it!


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