Writing Challenge- Embraced Change

This week’s Writing Challenge is to write a poem. This is my attempt at an acrostic and a prose poem. I’ve also tried to make this a sonnet. Why? Because it sounds beautiful and well, I like sonnets. And more realistically, that is the extent of the number of rhyming lines I can possibly make.

And oh, like most of my recent posts: this one is about Motherhood too! Thanks BabyT for being such an inspiration!


Entering the world of motherhood,

Many were my hopes, anxieties and resolutions,

But nothing ever went as I planned or thought as it should.

Rather improvise everyday is my only solution.

All the books and conversations in the world

Could not have prepared me for the trials and joys of parenthood.

Each day brings me something unanticipated and new,

Daily I learn what it takes to raise a woman from babyhood.

Change is the only constant in life,

Have quoted my ancestors in many an ancient text,

And really – that is the new mantra of this Mummy

Now to merely adapt and grin and never to expect.

Gone is the stubborn gal who carefully planned, organized and executed.

Enter the fumbling, bungling, super protective ‘Mommy Imperfect’.

My precious Baby!
My precious Baby! My world!

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