Have a Blessed Day!

“Have a Blessed Day folks! And keep those smiles coming!”

Imagine a gorgeously happy voice booming such cheerful wishes as you alight your usual train. Yeah, the same boring train that you take to work, school, whatever. On your same old route, during yet another bout of Monday Morning Blues.

Just what do you do when an infectiously delighted voice wishes you a ‘Blessed Day’? When a smiling voice floats down the PDA and remarks on just how lovely the weather is and to let your smile come through just like the sun peeking through the clouds. Well, I smiled and brightened up. As did all the other, barely awake, resigned-to-yet-another-dreary-Monday-and drearier-week fellow passengers. Mr.Driver, I don’t know what your name is or who you are. But I want to thank you for cheering me and everyone else today morning. As your voice floated in all the train wagons, so did your enthusiasm. I loved the way your spirit did not waver in any of the stations. I admired the way you peeked out from your spot in the engine and smiled- yes, smiled at the throngs of people entering and exiting. I delighted in the way you announced each station with a cute, zesty snippet. (I for one, did not know the correct way to pronounce the station I get off at.)

I could see the effect you had on all of us. You made us jolly and all geared up for our work ahead. Instead of slouching and jadedly scanning our palmtops and books, we actually straightened up, looked at each other and smiled and wished each other Good Morning and took in our surroundings. You made us realize that we can choose to stay positive even in everyday humdrum life, even in the monotone of daily routine. We just need to pick our attitude.

I realized today, that inspiration need not be only through great deeds. It can also come from an uplifting voice, a reassuring nod, a big smile. Thank you for inspiring me today. Here’s hoping to inspire someone else…

Have a Blessed Day! And keep those Smiles Coming!


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