One Year… Of being Dragon Mom!

Finally, our celebrations have ceased. Ever since BabyT turned one, we have been having parties and little meetups and tiny celebrations and grateful visits to temples and fun Skype birthdays. It was only during the weekend that we finally all got around to normalcy and doing all other work, like clean, cook, study, work. No regrets, though.

And as everyday humdrum set in, also did a Eureka moment. I just finished a year of being a dragon Mom! As in a fiercely possessive, always on the lookout for my baby’s safety, Do-not-mess-with-my-kid and isn’t-she-the-best kind of a mom! I used to joke to Hubs that all the women in the family turn into Mommy Dragons the second Baby comes along. Everyone else then comes last in their priorities, but I had not realized to what extent I’d be adhering to the same adage. [Though, I did have a sneaking suspicion when I watched the promos of Shaadi Ke Side Effects.]

But yes, I have become like that and I love it too. Here’s some points on how I have truly, absolutely become a Mommy-First-Everything-Else-Last:

  • All my conversations lead to BabyT after 3 minutes.
  • If it is important, place it on/near the Diaper bag/Baby’s document bag.
  • Before stepping out of the house, I used to have an entire checklist in my head. Now I only have 3: Baby, Diaper bag, Car seat.
  • Getting ready meant matching accessories and clothes. Now I merely check my clothes to see if there are no visible traces of food/vitamins. I then slide into my sneakers and am off. (One of the specs in my ideal guy was height. I wanted to marry a tall guy was so, I could wear heels. Sigh! Hubs IS a good five inches taller than me but that seems like a such a silly thing and a lifetime ago).
  • All the new blogs that I check out are Mommy blogs. In spite of Freshly Pressed. I really must update my Blogroll and insert new blogs.
  • Posing for photos came naturally to me. I used to be ever ready to flash a smile at the camera. But now, I’m either behind one in a desperate attempt to capture all of Baby’s precious moments (she really is growing up too fast) or smiling down at BabyT. I realize now why my Mom always did that. You simply cannot do anything but smile moonstruck at your child.
  • I cry at wedding scenes. I do not want my baby to grow up and go away. Noooooooo!
  • I keep reading up stuff so I’m on top and prepared for baby’s next milestone and development stage.
  • I have not slept for a year. More if you add BabyT’s nocturnal activities inside my tummy.
  • Like every first time parent, I obsess over poop and diapers. I even admonished Hubs for not knowing the difference between a wet diaper and a dirty one.
  • Cleaning means having a clean place for BabyT to run and play and sleep. Laundry equals washing her clothes. Hubs has enough clothes.
  • I sometimes wish for BabyT to sleep, so I can. But when she does, I simply admire her cuddling up to me with a dreamy smile.

Ah, the joys of parenting! Mommy Dragon is now off to check a new SAHM blog. Tada.


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  1. I love this list…it is so funny and full of new mommy truths! Remembering all of this took me back to when my girls were just babies. Exhausting, but fun days!! Wait…the days are still exhausting and fun!!


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