Well done!

This post is to cheer the lady at the station.
You are awesome!
You are brave and fearless!
And unlike the rest of us, the fifty odd other commuters, you do NOT take meanness and snide remarks lying down!
You rock lady!

It was an evening like any other. The bus was late yet again. It was still cold and wintry. We were all huddled inside the station waiting for our respective buses to arrive. Watches and smart phones were alternately peered at. Sighs and frowns were directed at the poor glass doors that showed no hint of the bus arriving. Yet another numbingly ordinary day.

And then strode in the Bully. Come to think of it, he did not have any redeeming features. He was certainly average as far as looks and sizes go. But that attitude! Mean, abusive, with an indolent swagger and a grating, loud, harsh voice. The minute he boomed inside, everyone thought to move away. One just knows such people.

We were justified. Seconds after he walked in, Bully pounced on the gangly, overworked youth behind the coffee counter. The intimidating ‘there boy!…’ went on to caustic comments and some verbal lashing. The poor youth retreated inside the kitchen.

What did we – the fifty odd commuter crowd do? Oh, we were all busy. Busy checking updates on our hand-held devices. Busy pretending the Bully was beneath us. Busy fervently and inwardly hoping we were not too conspicuous to be singled out as his next prey. The Bully grinned at our obvious collective unease.

He whipped out his phone. I do not think his phone was even working, but never mind. A string of abuse ensued. This guy was ranting at everything. The economy, latest pop albums, his neighbor, lack of his education. I will not reproduce his monologue here. Suffice to say, it was foul and horrid and not to be repeated in polite society.

An agonizing long ten minutes later, ( yes, we were longing for the bus to arrive soon and so were glancing at our watches faster than the seconds hand could turn.) he put away his phone. This time his prey were the unsuspecting people hurrying to catch the trains thundering above. The petite girl, the young mother with the baby, the kid new to college, everyone was his punching bag. He commented on everyone. Everybody winced but nobody questioned him. Nobody stopped him.

And then YOU came in. You looked like us. You were in a rush too. You would have been another passerby for me and everyone else standing there except for…
[To be continued in next post (tomorrow) as part of old DPChallenge:
Weekly Writing Challenge: Cliffhanger! | The Daily Post
http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2014/01/06/weekly-writing-challenge-cliffhanger/ ]


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