2013- A Recap

Here’s a recap of all the wonderful things that happened this year. Hoping to have an even better, happier, healthier, joyous year and wishing all those reading this post the very same!

  • BabyT is born. We were blessed with an adorable baby girl.
  • Hubby’s sis got married. So, we gained a brother and got to experience the most beautiful but bitter-sweet sight, that of a sister as a bride. She will never be just our li’l sis any more. Sigh…
  • One of my BFF became a mommy too. BabyT has a gal pal already!
  • BabyT and I spent four glorious months back home in India amidst a host of pampering grandparents (mine and hers! Yayy!)
  • Another BFF became a manager in spite of an economic slump. Go gal! So proud of you.
  • I am enrolled in Grad school. How awesome is that?
  • Hubbyji got me a newer iPhone. Cool!
  • My twin sis visited me twice this year. Okay, so she came to see the baby, but hey, she saw me. That counts right!
  • I actually have had the extreme good fortune of spending time with two amazing Mamas who stepped forward to help me with my graduate studies. I’d like to dedicate this post to these two inspiring ladies- my Mom and Mom-in-law. You both are extremely patient, enormously resourceful, and merrily adventurous. And the best quality that I love about both of you (and am trying to emulate) is that you choose to be positive and optimistic. In a cynical and jaded world, you are so refreshingly upbeat and encouraging. Thank you.
  • Did I mention that both my moms – by birth and by marriage are helping us with the baby?
  • We celebrated BabyT’s naming ceremony rather grandly. Thanks everyone for all the wishes and gifts too!
  • Including this post, I wrote 33 posts. I was aiming for 52- one for each week of the year but that got waylaid by all the exciting things that happened this year.
  • I actually saw a Picasso at the Art institute of Chicago, something I always wanted to see.
  • My aunt opened a bookstore- JustBooks– a lending library that delivers books at home. How grand is that? Of course, I am a member. They are the reason I successfully read 12 books this year ( a resolution of mine for this year).
  • I learnt how to apply eyeliner. Yay! I definitely did not want to confess to BabyT that I lack this skill.
  • I cooked for my grandparents. I never thought such a day would come but it did.
  • BabyT and I snapped a five generation of women family photograph in Mumbai. Splendid, right?
  • I’d also like to thank here all the friends who stood by us out when BabyT was hospitalized right after birth. Your caring words and timely help gave us newbie frantic parents courage and hope. Even the slightest of ailments do cause distress and nerve wracking agony to parents, especially first timers; so it was so nice that you folks were just there for us. Thanks all.
  • To all the people who liked and commented on my posts, I am so grateful for your encouragement. Writing publicly makes one insecure and vulnerable, your virtual presence made me a bolder, more confident and hopefully better writer.

That was my recall of the year’s great highlights. The year was full of highs and lows and definitely many more ordinary everyday moments that make one go Aww! I have not listed them here, but cherish them all the same.

So, with the hope that everybody reading this savors their own countless little joys and chooses to be positive in the brand new year,



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