The Year in Fast Forward

The year is almost up and it is time to take stock of the year. Let me begin with my resolutions for this post.
Here is what I listed when 2013 had just blossomed:
Read 12 books in the year. Done.
Stay happy. As in, be cheerful. Be optimistic. See the silver lining in every cloud. Just stay positive. This was tough- BabyT was overdue, in NICU due to meconium consumption, diagnosed with suspected urinary infection as a month old infant, had latching issues… Staying optimistic was tough but all’s well that ends well. Nice things happened too, so at least I stayed afloat with this one.

Be a NaNoWriMo 2013 winner. I participated last year, loved it and have set myself this more challenging goal this year. Sigh! I did not even participate this time but hey, I am living my own story being a Mom and Graduate student, so that’s ok!
Publish a post at least once a week. Sadly, never accomplished this either. But I had loads of fun trying. Maybe I shall succeed in this next year.
Learn how to wear Eyeliner before the year is up. Done!

Am still deciding on my resolutions for 2014. Here’s to a great year ahead and oodles of fun trying to stick to the resolutions!

2 thoughts on “The Year in Fast Forward

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  1. Year-ends are time to take stock of the year AND to feel proud of all your accomplishments. So congrats for being a great mom, writer and a brilliant student! (clap). As for things that you did not finish, hey! There’s always next year! 😀

    Finally, it’s also time to wind down and enjoy the holiday season. Happy hols!


    1. Ha ha! My next post might not seem so modest, as it will list all the great things of the year, including all my awesome traits; but thanks for the compliment.
      Happy holidays to you too!


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