BabyT turns eight months old soon!

And despite overwhelming proof – physical and behavioral of her resemblance to her doting Dad ( she is almost like a miniature version) , I know I am in there inside of her. Well, somewhere, just beginning to show up.

It began when she showed a fondness to pinch Hubby dear. Hard! Right in that patch of skin under his wristwatch. I am told emphatically that I used to do that as a baby. Enough times to make my Daddy Dearest stop wearing a watch. Like, till now!

She poses for cameras. I always do; unlike Hubs. He is more comfortable behind lenses. BabyT chose to differ in this. She actually grins her toothy smile right at the camera and pauses, for what she imagines is a minute. It’s nowhere near a minute, but hey, she can’t count yet!

I am not saying she ought to be like me! No, not at all! My little angel is perfect. But it feels magical to think that I have passed on traits to an absolute sweetheart! And that she will always carry a part of me. How humbling is that?

At times like these, I wonder what else she might have inherited from me. My self esteem? My reading habit? Oily skin? My family nose( she does not have a fat nose! Thank God! )? My habit of holding a grudge? My stubbornness? What about those Speed reading skills? Love of books and music?

I don’t care about her looks. Her dad can worry about fending off the boys when she is older. And i certainly would not mind a much needed chatterbox in the family. But if there is one thing I hope she gets from me, that would be an innate sense of being comfortable with herself. Because no matter who influenced what you are, only we can make what we can become.

And on that note, I am going to go pick that baby of mine, and teach her a few of her Mommy’s pranks!

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