Blog Stats!

I am in a rage today! I am huffing and puffing and I want to wish away my Stats page. Well, not exactly my stats page. I like it. I find the views by country inspiring. And the followers stats are uplifting. It is just the search engine terms that I dislike.

I have never bothered with search engine terms till yesterday. Today,I did and what a mistake it turned out to be. My ego has suffered heavily thanks to that moment of curiosity.

This is what I learnt from these statistics. Please note that owing to a severe mental agony I have been unable to confirm their validity. I would love to hear that these stats are inaccurate but I have too much faith in the technical expertise of WordPress developers. Sigh!

Apparently, the top search term directing to this blog is Wild Donkeys! Eeks! This certainly is not funny.
Next is the term “wild”. Like seriously? I am catty but wild? That is a bit too much!
The third made me really want to throttle someone. (just then, wild was quite an accurate description! Ouch!) “fear of failure and the unknown” was the expression that mysteriously led people to my blog.
I really don’t know whether to be happy that random people mistakenly stumble upon my blog or to be unhappy at the kind of traffic being directed my way by unfriendly search engines.

The programmer in me knows that possibly my post on the Cumberland Wilds caused the first two and the one on zip lining spawned the third. But I do wish search engines thought to add my blog posts for nicer subjects. This blogger certainly does not find the cattiness of miscellaneous search engines amusing, I shall have to study SEO in depth to combat problems such as these.

But until then, i shall be happy for WordPress, for the kind audience who take time to read,like and comment on my posts. Thank you!

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