10 changes after BabyT

A quick post on things that have changed after BabyT arrived in my life.

    1. No TV.
    Yup, I only read, if I can. Alas, while baby’s eyes are too delicate for Telly viewing, she loves the moving bright images that appear on it. Hence, no TV for anyone in this household.
    A good thing, I suppose as Hubby can’t watch endless cricket or hear miscellaneous people screaming their heads off in supposed debates on NDTV and CNNIBN.
    2. Cartoons galore. I want baby to grow up with healthy cartoons and mythology stories. Basically all the stuff I loved as a kid. In the process, I have become a kid myself. Result, this is what we pay with!


    3. Diaper bags.
    I never travelled without my phone or handbag anywhere. What with baby being on my priority list from 1 to 100, handbags are out of the question. And anyway, my hands are full with diaper bag, the baby, the stroller, a handy wash cloth to wipe off all that drool and spit. So, handbags have gone the way of the dinosaurs and diaper bag is my trusty tote.
    It helps my vanity to carry a gorgeous giraffe one though. πŸ™‚
    4. Spice is not the essence of life!
    As a nursing mommy, I find that I cannot have anything spicy. But the good part is I do not feel tempted at all. Not even when I see delicious pani puris, kachoris, samosa, pavbhajis and all the yummy oily spicy things. I used to devour them with a complete lack of self restraint before, but now the Mommy voice in me is strong enough to abstain. Yippee!
    5. Aunty uncles
    I’ve begun to refer to everybody with the epithet I want BabyT to use. So, everybody I find is GrandPa or Grandma. I must stop soon though, as I am ruffling quite a few feathers with this habit. Help!
    6. Efficiency Thy Name is Mommy
    I’ve become more efficient now (more being the operative word) than my former self.baby allows me time in short bursts which has made me appreciate my time and that of others.
    7. The world Revolves around BabyT
    This is a damper for friends and acquaintances. After all, I was the catty, witty friend people counted on to make life a bit more lively. Now, all my conversations somehow lead up to baby. Even my posts reflect that. Ah! Life does change after a child!
    8. Poop Obsession
    Horrid but true. As first timers, I spend way too much time monitoring the little one’s dirty and wet diapers. Yup, I even have taken to explaining to people how the two are different!
    Sigh, I really need to read Leil Lowndes book again!
    9. Paranoid about safety
    I guess this is one of the occupational hazards of being a mother. Everything is a potential hazard to the baby. Now that BabyT is fast swimming around in what can best be described as caterpillar motion, I am spending my time keeping most objects out of reach. I feel everything is too sharp, too cheap, too perfumed. Hmm, I am already worrying about the time she starts to crawl.
    10. MrsHappy!
    Yes,the best part of being a Mommy. BabyT coos and plays and hugs and smiles ( a toothy one now!) and my day becomes brighter and happier. It’s simply astounding how one little person can bring so much love and cheer to my life. Naturally I’m fast changing from MsCatty to MrsHappy after becoming a mother. Motherhood does change your life, but always for the better. Right?

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  1. Yes, babies have a way of changing us and our way of life, but I wouldn’t have it any other way πŸ™‚ After 20-something years, I’ve had to do some child-proofing again, the result of becoming a grandmother πŸ™‚ Number four will arrive in just 10 more weeks!


  2. I don’t know much about baby care but my sister (who happens to be a new mother) will 100 % agree with this post. When she came to visit us this vacation, I noticed her vocabulary mostly had the words “no tv”, “diaper” and other things you mentioned.

    Hope you are having a super awesome time with your baby πŸ™‚


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