I Remember…..
I don’t remember a lot of things nowadays. Happens when you are Mommy to a six month old. I get more of ‘Oh My God, I just remembered….’ these days and usually, it is too late and/or can’t still be done. But never mind, here goes my very own …..

‘I Just Remembered’ list.

    I have to call my driving instructor.
    I need to try some of my pre wedding clothes to pack to Chicago. Hopefully, they fit.
    Have to call one of my best friends and chat with her. She does not even know I have been in the same city as her for the past month. Gulp!
    Emphasize the point that I was busy to aforementioned point. She’ll understand. Her kid just started walking.
    Write a post AND publish it before Friday for DPChallenge.
    Must tag the said posts before publishing.
    Buy diapers before I run out of them
    Stash spare diapers as I WILL run out.
    List grocery items to be bought.
    Decide on a genre at least before beginning NaNoWriMo
    Never to like my own posts. WordPress sends you sarcastic (in my mind) email notifications. (it was an accident by the way)
    Must not lead every conversation to BabyT
    Follow above rule even for lists and posts
    I should be careful not to ask for advice. Especially from people I do not particularly care about
    I still need to make those calls.
    I should resolve to change my errant ways and do stuff that needs to be done rather than dally and do what I like.

Hmmm, on that note, it’s off to make calls while the baby is sleeping.
Au Revoir!