A recipe about me. Ah… I know the perfect analogy- Veg Jalfraize.

vegetable jalfrezi
vegetable jalfrezi. Image taken from Uma’s yummy recipe at  :http://www.umakitchen.com/2012/09/vegetable-jalfrezi.html

It’ strictly vegetarian, not very spicy though it can sometimes get HOT! And it is always colorful and bright, like my attire and accessories.

Disclaimer: I am horrible at measurement, and that is why I never excelled at sports. So, I am leaving that out. Please add according to judgement, something that I excel at.


Cauliflower, cut into bite sized florets. They will be firm and tender at the end, like me. Unless overdone.

Carrots, cut into round slices, slightly thick. Cubes will do fine too. Great in taste and nutrition, and economical too. A practical choice, just like yours truly.

Paneer, cut into cubes. Because I love dairy products and am mushy to all whom I love.

Capsicum aka bell pepper, cut into square pieces. Add all colors- green, red and yellow. Sweet, tart and spicy – just like  me depending on whom I am dealing with.

Green chillies- sliced into halves. With all the other vegetables, not harmful but bite into them and face the heat. Yup, cross swords with me and well, you can take the hint, right?

Peas, round and green and can add an extra zing and color to any dish. I am an inveterate talker, so people in functions and parties, KNOW when I am around. Thank God, hubby dear does not like the dull life.

Onions, again cut into small square chunks. Like this layered vegetable, I too have many layers. I am complicated. Period.

Tomato- One half cut like onions. Not this half should be firm and not very juicy. It is added to get a hint of sweetness in the dish. yup. sounds opposite of my blog’s tagline says, but hey, even I can be sweet. Sometimes!

Tomato puree/ freshly squeezed tomato juice- for binding and harmony. I  usually get this wrong and need water to even out things. So true of life even. 😦

Coriander leaves, finely chopped, for garnishing. Presentation is everything. It will add to the drama. 🙂


Turmeric- soothing and cheerful

Red chilly powder- try as much as you dare

(Freshly ground , if possible) coriander powder and Jeera or cumin powder- the star spices of this dish. Aromatic, and 100% Indian. Just like I am a mix of the south and the north Indian cultures, so is the addition of these two spices destined to cater to the palates of both.


Salt – to taste

Method of preparation: 

Boil the carrots and cauliflower in water with salt and turmeric until cooked but firm. Remove and run through cold water to prevent from overcooking. (This gal also cannot handle too much of sadness, I tend to become all mushy and weepy)

Take a wok/ large dish. Add a little oil. Add onions; cook until translucent. How does that relate to moi? I am quite guarded until I know a person properly. Then I am frank and transparent.

Add the tomato juice and spices. Cook until oil separates. Now this is literal. Warm climates make my skin become really oily and sticky. That way, Chicago is a boon to my skin. 😀

Add the bell peppers, peas. When half cooked, add the the cauliflower and carrots. When almost done, add the paneer and tomato chunks.

Cook for a minute more and add the coriander leaves.

Serve hot with breads or naans.

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