Why BabyT loves India!

This post has been simmering in the back of my mind for a really long time. But I’m enjoying my trip back home so much that it’s only today that I’m actually able to articulate and publish this. So, here goes…

Why Baby T loves India! (and me too! 😛 )

  1. No car seats. As one of those babies who like to be free and unconstrained, she HATES car seats. For all those people who are thinking that babies do not have likes or dislikes, I dare you to take this child out on a ride in a car seat and come back smiling AND without a headache. If you can overlook the safety aspect, no confining straps is a very big reason she loves it here.
  2. Grandparents Galore. With more than 26 grandads, grandmas, granduncles and aunts, and an equal number of aunts and uncles thrown in, Baby T is loving all that attention. Since, she is too young to be a spoiled brat yet, I like it too.
  3. Problem of Plenty. With so many doting grandparents, it’s only logical, that Baby is dealing with a problem of too much of everything. Too many clothes, too many toys, lots of attention, her own growing fan club. From bottles to teethers (her pearlies have not even arrived yet) to blankets and beds, she seems to have double of what she needs. Thank you God!
  4. The World is my Oyster. Step out of the house, and there are trees, cows, dogs, autos, bikes, pedestrians, vendors and a vast array of glittering, bedazzling. noisy things to distract the little one. So, whenever she is unhappy at Mommy (that’s moi) for changing, cleaning, feeding her,we take her out to soothe away all those huge tears. (and boy, are they huge! Big fat glistening drops that perch on her eyelashes. With her trembling, pouting lips, the world is at her disposal. Wish I could do the same! )
  5. Bling factor. With the wedding season on here, Baby T is mesmerized by the bling everywhere. Grand silk kanjivarams, costly Banarasis, gold and diamonds weighing down many a hands and necks, and flowers everywhere. (Since we were attending Tam bram weddings- my lack of expertly arranged hair was camaflouged by the meters of gajras in my hair.)

And that is just the beginning. Watch out this space for more.

Au revoir and I shall be back with more.

2 thoughts on “Why BabyT loves India!

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  1. Love this post… I can visualize BabyT with her pink, pouting lips, looking wide-eyed with those big brown eyes!
    Awww… wish i could run out there and give her a huge big kiss! 🙂


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